Separate subdivision replace imported bearing HKT SRB Cooper, etc



Subdivision bearing Chinese name: split bearings English name: the split bearing definition: ring and radial slit rolling bearing cage.

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Tengda company has been to separate bearing (subdivision bearing) professional manufacturers. In recent years, after a heavy study, repeated authentication and a major investment, the company has become a timely delivery, real-time response, take the customer as the center has the strong competitiveness of enterprises.

Tengda (subdivision bearing) features and advantages: completely separate bearing (subdivision bearing), does not need to move around when installation, or a machine.

Installation cost is low

Easy to change,

, reduce downtime

Improve the efficiency of maintenance

Low processing requirements for shaft, shaft don't need a car chamfering and steps

Don't need after hardening treatment

Shaft processing cost is low

The Tengda Tengda bearing

* * the seals, bearing housing and bearing seat can turn 360 degrees in any direction.

Seals maintain parallel with axis, concentric etc. Characteristics.

The minimum clearance, a variety of standard ring seal.

Bearing standard range of bearing can meet most of the application.

Bearing steel, gray iron, ductile cast iron.

Distribute LanPan, tie rod, coiling and customized bearings.

Producers have been verified with perfect service products.

Knowledge of engineering.

Professional ability to resolve the problem

Provide technical support and after-sales service.

Tengda subdivision bearing is mainly used in oil smelting, mining machinery, iron and steel industry, machinery, ships, ball mill, belt conveyor, etc.

Tengda subdivision bearing is small size, compact structure. Because of some special conditions, mechanical equipment installation site is restricted and equipment of their own limitations, lead to can't assembly case with Tengda in the narrow space subdivision bearing they can install directly, without having to remove the circular shaft with the original bearings and other components, together with parts, this will save installation time and reduce the cost.

1. Split:

Bearing all the components are in split form.

The characteristics of bearing installation, maintenance work has brought great convenience. Make the equipment working

As time prolonged greatly. Reduced downtime. Has brought considerable economic benefits for the user.

2. The heart:

To achieve 2.5 degrees in any direction.

This feature brought convenience to the installation of the related parts. At the same time also can protect the bearings.

3. The dynamic seal:

The shaft, bearing, seal dynamic sealing effect.

This feature to ensure the bearing internal space